Countdown to SnakeDays 2018

June 8 – 10

The Year of the Horny Toad

2018 is marked”THE YEAR OF THE HORNY TOAD”, with so many great Horned Lizard Projects goin on in 2018 we just felt it was only right to honor the state lizard of Texas. From the famous TCU Horned Frog’s research of the horned lizard, the San Antonio Zoo breeding project, the Dallas Zoo, Fort Worth Zoo and Texas Parks & Wildlife restocking projects, this is a very important year in Texas with everyone’s favorite lizard. SnakeDays will be honoring the Horney Toad this year in 2018.

What is SnakeDays?

SnakeDays is a an event that celebrates the wonderful reptile and amphibian diversity of west Texas and raises money wildlife diversity conservation. It brings together enthusiasts from around the United States who are passionate about herpetology, field herping, herp photography, and building relationships with other like-minded individuals. Sanderson has been the host location since the event’s inception and we will be celebrating the sixth (6th) consecutive year of SnakeDays. The event offers vendors, presentations, gatherings, and field herping.

What Species Can I Expect to See?
SnakeDays 2018 Schedule
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SnakeDays Events

This section will present some of the wonderful events offered during SnakeDays 2018.

Field Herping

This page will present you with some of the locations, the regulations governing, and opportunities for field herping west Texas.

SnakeDays 2018 Sponsors/Partners

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