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West Texas 6th Annual SnakeDays in Sanderson

SnakeDays 2017

4th consecutive year, you wont want  to miss this years lectures

Herpathon 2017

West Texas Educational Herping Event

Its Just A story

June 23-25

SnakeDays 2016 is shaping up to be another great year, we have a superb lecture schedule

you wont want to miss !!!

In addition to some fabulous, once-in-a-lifetime herping opportunities, participants will be treated to world-class lectures, benefit dinner fundraiser, raffles, a highway clean-up, silent auctions, trade show, photo contest and of course, a fake snake contest! Don’t miss Dr. Dante Fenolio & Dr Guss Gross, he will be back again for for one more time in 2016 with a great lecture . Also this year will have the best lecture circuit for the entire year anywheres.

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We are welcoming new sponsors! If you would like to make a donation to help support a worth while event, please see below.

For those who missed the inaugural Snake Days, please visit the web site and read all about it right HERE !!!

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Last years location was great with a larger venue, we will be back there this year.

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It’s time to buy your meal and lecture tickets. Demand is high and seating is limited. Don’t be disappointed!

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SnakeDays Board Meeting +1, Wayne Howell, Ruth Engeldorf, Blaine Eaton, Jeff Adams, Travis Dimler, Roy Engelldorf, Tim Cole

Group photo of 2014 attendees, you want to make sure your part of history

Several people have expressed concerns about safety because of Sanderson’s proximity to Mexico. This part of Texas is not affected like other parts of the state are that are located closer to the border. This area is very safe, quiet and peaceful

The first release of the TP&W App is out, You can click on the links to download the app and website for the database.